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Bio 2017

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Self-taught, and with the opportunity to travel, live and work abroad, Del Balso moves into the contemporary art scene as a timeless artist. In his works, a basic classicity is appreciated, due to the respect for the craft of the sculptor or old painter, but he fills them with a current, own and external content of the world in which we live.
He hates to repeat himself, which translates into works made in the most diverse materials and techniques. He divides his time between the realization of sculptures, paintings, drawings and objects of art, always looking to print his own stamp.
His paintings and drawings are made to read, with stories that delight ... wrapped in an "horror vacui" that mysteriously does not take the breath, but encourages to enter and discover in the apparent chaos. They are multifaceted works, they have a far different from the fence ...
In his sculptures, however, the search focuses on the line, in expressing through the form. The idea is one, but the content seeks to be universal. This is how Del Balso, in the third dimension, forgets the anecdotal, the aggregate, seeks, without ceasing to "represent" an abstraction, an essence.

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Added Feb 12, 2007

- Muestra Colectiva en Enemigo Vigil. Mendoza Argentina 20 de diciembre - 20 de marzo
- Muestra Colectiva en el Art Basel week. Aqua Art Fair. Wynwood28 Gallery. Miami. 6-9 diciembre
- “Las naves” Muestra colectiva en Anselmo. San Rafael 6 de octubre - 6 de diciembre
- "A World to show" Muestra personal en la galería Wynwood 28. Miami - Usa. 3 de mayo - 1 de julio
- Expone en Art Wynwood. Con la galería Wynwood 28. 15-19 de febrero. Miami. Usa

- Muestra personal de pintura. Espacio de Arte Casa del visitante. Bodega Santa Julia. Familia Zuccardi. Mendoza. Argentina
- "La piedra en el camino" Encuentro de escultores en piedra. Bodega Monteviejo. Clos de los siete. Tunuyán. Febrero

- Presentación del libro "Código humano" de Alfredo Aruani. Obra de portada realizada por el artista. Mendoza. Agosto
- Muestra en los jardines del Museo Fader. Mendoza. Abril
- Muestra de esculturas en "Sala de arte Libertad" Mendoza. Mayo
- "El Álamo" Encuentro de escultores en madera. Parque Benegas. Mendoza. 23-28 de febrero.


- "El Alamo" encuentro de escultores en madera. Parque Benegas. Mendoza.


- "Mendoza en talla libertad" Encuentro de escultores en madera. Parque Cívico. Mendoza. Septiembre


- "Tripartita" muestra en Hotel Diplomatic. Mendoza

- Fondo Oro. obras en permanencia. Florencia Italia
- Human Rights? Complejo Monumental del Belvedere de San Leucio. Caserta. Italia 11 septiembre – 11 octubre 2009
- Start up. Villa Sant' Isidoro Contrada Sant'Isidoro. Corridonia (MC) Italia 13 junio - 4 julio


- Premio Freud - 1º Clasificado - Art&Forte. Lavarone - Trento. IT 12 julio - 25 agosto.
- Es "L'Autoritratto Psicologico tra Realtà e Metafora". Art&fortE. Spazioeventi Mondadori, Venecia. IT. 10 mayo - 15 junio
- Fondo Oro. Florencia. Italia Obras en permanencia.


- "Biennale di Firenze" Fortezza da Basso. Florencia (FI) Italia. 1 - 9 diciembre
- "Nuovi Radici" Gravità Zero. Villa Cernigliaro. Sordevolo (BI) Italia. 16 junio - 5 agosto
- "Cromaticos" Castello Estense, Ferrara (IT). 10 - 18 febrero


- "Muti aneliti di vento" Galeria Art Point Black, Firenze (IT). 25 marzo - 7 abril
- IX Edición de "Abstracta", señalación especial secc. jovenes. Gal. Art Point Black, Firenze (IT) 9-12 marzo
- "Della memoria, volo secreto". Galeria Art Point Black, Firenze (IT) 11 febrero-7 marzo
- "Disegni in carta". I Visacci Art Caffe, Firenze (IT) 26 enero-9 marzo


- "Arte, natura, tempo" Castello di Capalbio, Grosseto (IT) 23 diciembre 2005-8 enero 2006
- Muestra colectiva. Galeria Foyer degli Artisti, Firenze (IT) octubre - noviembre
- "10 Artisti" Lido di Camaiore, Lucca (IT) 31 julio - 15 agosto

Muestras al inicio de la carrera del artista:

- Jerónimo, Bermejo, Mendoza. 2004
- Sala de Arte Argentino, Mendoza. 29 agosto-20 setiembre 2003
- Museo Municipal de Arte Moderno, Mendoza. 2003
- "Homenaje a Oswaldo Guayasamín" Encuentro de pintura popular, Mendoza- 6,7,8 junio 2003
- Feria de Arte Plaza Independencia, Mendoza. 2003
- Centro Cultural la Fabrica, Mendoza. julio 2003
- "Arte y Vanguardia" La Oreja, Mendoza. agosto 2003
- Ciclo cultural 2003. Swiss Medical Group. Mendoza. 28 agosto-2 octubre 2003
- Recova de Posadas. Revista Arte al Dia Internacional. Buenos Aires. 28 noviembre - 7 diciembre 2003
- Participación al Gallery Nights. Recoleta, Buenos Aires. 28 noviembre 2003
- Encuentro de artistas y artesanos. Calle Maure, Mendoza (2003/2002/2001)
- Casa por la memoria y Cultura popular, Mendoza (2002/2001)
- "Arte y Otoño". Palmares Open Mall, Mendoza. 5 agosto-5 setiembre 2002
- Enoteca de las Artes, Mendoza. 16 - 23 agosto 2001

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Bio 05

Added Feb 12, 2007

Juan Del Balso was born in Mendoza, Argentina on June 25, 1978.
He begins his artistic path precociously, almost like a game, until the age of 20, when he discovers and learn the technique of beaten / soldier iron and begins to recognize his artistic personality.

Del Balso is a self-taught artist, but his spontaneous approach to "making art" is then reinforced through observation and critical analysis of works of art. Looking to learn and perfectionate both on old and modern techniques. Always expressing hia personality and his own vision of the world.

He works with different materials (iron, stone, wood, clay, resin, etc.). In his sculptures, his subjects are expressed through figuration, other times, through abstraction.
He is an eclectic artist, who in each new job tries to find something different, profound.

In 2005 he decides to leave his country, Argentina, to travel to Italy, and after a period in Pietrasanta he moves to Florence, where he makes sculptures and paintings in his studio in the Santo Spirito neighborhood.

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A world to tell

Added Feb 12, 2007

The works of Juan Del Balso express a certain will to be; of the characters, the objects, the materials. They are works that stand out for themselves, without the need for explanations, without prerequisites.
His figures are, generally, symbol of a collective anguish, where the most primitive parts of man stand out with force, to leave civilized man behind, the "conviction of necessity". Sometimes, these characters may seem fearful, others appear strong and determined, but never cease to be expressions of a deeply human nature, of a natural transition.

In his works, the material has a fundamental role, either when the artist chooses the pieces of wood, iron, etc. with attention to later "build" his works; as when he works with different textures on both conventional and strange materials to sculpture / painting.
Invariably, it is always the mark / sign of the material that stands out, and has a protagonist character, either when the artist grants a new meaning to an already existing material, such as when he chooses to create from nothing.

They are works that rather than looking at them, you would like to touch them, because every part of them, even the smallest scratch, tells a story.. Tail that is a work of art, because his sculptures, his paintings speaks of him, and he speaks through them, expressing his thoughts and feelings.
Sometimes, the artist expresses his convictions, and each work wants to be an expression / philosophy of life, other times, Del Balso lets out a more childlike version of himself and the works show a more playful and sympathetic side of his person.

In short, Del Balso is an eclectic artist, and it is eclectic because he accepts all parts of his being, which are then transformed into works of art, with a world of their own to tell.

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