Listino prezzi

To the essence 1 opera

In this gallery, the artist shows works that are made with old, salvaged woods, where the passage of time is already an artistic fact in itself. the artist respects brands, legitimizes them. generally burns or stains one side of the sculpture, leaving the other natural, or adding touches of color. They are fresh, essential, decorative, instinctive works that speak of the primitive essence of the human being.

Paintings 44 opere

A kind of contemporary "horror vacui". A context of spots traps stories and characters intertwined by the stroke of the ink. This paintings have a distance sometimes different from the fence and they go against the current fury and speed. The drawings invite you to enter, observe, imagine ... to take some time to let go from the outside, the pressure, the easy.

Sculpture 17 opere

In this gallery we find sculptural works, where the artist tends to prioritize the form, the lines ... through which he gives depth and feeling to his characters. They are stoic, but meditative figures. With an important range of materials, the artitst chooses modeling to print his mark and give life to the characters.

Drawings 24 opere

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